Thursday, May 31, 2007

Because a Drunk Madonna.... the best Madonna look ever!!!

I love me some drunk Madonna.

On a completely different note, I saw this on

Catholic priest positively reviews Confessions

(*wha??!! SHOCKING. Finally a SMART priest who actually SAW the show instead of condemning it based on hearsay or looking at a picture! on...)

Posted: 27 May 2007 - From the Catholic News Agency - The Colombian daily El Tiempo published a column by a priest who said he has seen Madonna's DVD of her latest concert tour and defends her 'crucifixion' and nudity and calls the show a model of evangelization.
In a column entitled, 'Madonna: A Suggestive Presentation of Jesus,' Jesuit Father Carlos Novoa, former dean of the Department of Theology at the Javeriana University, said he was impressed by the 'deep spirituality' of some of Madonna's choreography and claimed her parody of the crucifixion 'is not a mockery of the cross, but rather the complete opposite: An exaltation of the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus' and a 'creative and moving' work of art.
Father Novoa said the DVD recording of Madonna's 'The Confessions Tour' was something worth viewing for its 'high aesthetic quality.' The song 'Live to Tell,' in which Madonna is 'crucified,' 'is one of the best sermons I have witnessed in my life,' and he challenged Catholics to follow the example of the singer.
'In this postmodern, skeptic world in which so many people abhor or are simply uninterested in the faith, will ministers of the church and Catholics in general have this audacity and this creativity to communicate a Jesus who truly shakes people up on the inside?' Novoa wondered.
The Jesuit priest also defended 'masculine and feminine nudity,' expressed not through 'cheap pornography' but through 'erotic beauty.' He compared Madonna's choreography and nudity with the works of Michelangelo, 'who filled the walls of the Sistine Chapel, the sacrosanct place where the holy father is elected, with frescoes of nude men and women.'
Father Novoa said renowned artists and art critics consider Madonna to be 'one of the best choreographers of our times.' 'In her excellent stage presentations, she sometimes makes use of both male and female nudes, which scandalizes some, as in the case of Michelangelo,' he claimed.
Novoa acknowledged that some of Madonna's antics are 'ridiculous,' but, he claimed, 'they said the same thing about Beethoven when he debuted some of his best compositions and about Picasso, one of the great guides posts of modern-day art, when he presented his master works in 1907: 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.'

WORD to yo Mutha.
and of the father,
of the son..
and of the holy ghost.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I need to obsesses about Madonna, especially since she's "in between" projects and I have nothing but the Confessions and IGTTYAS DVDs to hold me over. Oh, that and Youtube of course. Its a goldmine of Madonna treasures.
Here's one of my favorites from IGTTYAS.
(I'm Going To Tell You A Secret...a Madonna documentary for those of you not in the know...).
Madonna celebrates her birthday. I LOVE that someone gave her a blowup doll with an erect penis and she starts molesting everyone in the party with it until Guy takes it away.